Thursday, October 4, 2012

Open Butta'

If I have learned anything over the past 17 years of teaching, it has been how to conduct a stress free and worry free open house.  As we left the building, last Tuesday evening promptly at 7:00 p.m., my team mate commented on how smoothly the meeting turned out to be.
Open house, in upper elementary,  provides an opportunity to communicate the fifth grade policies and procedures to the parents. We want the parents to know and understand everything that is expected of their child.  No guessing and no wondering...

So, I purchased a pre-made power point from TPT, cue music, and tweeked it to cover everything from the weekly homework log to the grading and discipline procedures.  I also included pictures and explanations for every subject area including the standards and upcoming Common Core.  
I tried to anticipate the questions that are usually asked 50 times and answer them once. 
Did I mention that I LOVE my Smartboard and  may have to retire if anything ever happens to it?
Here it is..............sigh....

Anyhow, around the room I also had three main stations:  sign-in sheet, Fall Festival volunteer sheet and a calendar for parent/teacher conferences.

Side note, I set up a chart that showed our progress towards the $350 Scholastic order for the 7,000 bonus points......WHICH WE GOT BY THE WAY!!!!!! whoot....whoot (Thanks to Laura Candler for the how-to pack.)

Finally, when the evening was finished we as teachers felt that we had successfully presented our information and the parents left seemingly comfortable about the upcoming year. 

I have included a few pictures of my room. 
Believe me when I say it is a work in progress.  :-)

 My Library
 Math Bulletin Board - Rockin' Fifth Grade Math


 Daily Organization

My pinterest make&take of the summer.

My Student Computers

I so love my job! 

Have a great week everyone, Blog on!

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  1. I love, love, love your room! The music decor is rockin! :)



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