Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Melonhead!!!!

Guess What everyone?  
I have a Melonhead created by
Check it out
I absolutely love it.  It includes all of the little details that I gave her about my pug (Mr. Stubbs) to my reading glasses on the chain.  I am very pleased with it and I would highly recommend her work to anyone that would like to go down in Melonheadz history.  lol

Blog On Everyone!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Working With the Teacher

Small group time, or "Teacher Time" is a great opportunity
for me to observe and assess how well my Math students have learned.
I like to see every step of a Math problem so I found a different way for students to work with me without using paper or workbooks, yet they can still show me their 
Math "skills".
At the beginning of the year we provided our students with a white 3-ring binder in which they keep everything that they do and need for 5th grade. ( BEE binder but geared to upper elementary)  :-)
  Students bring their white binders and a dry erase marker to my table and we practice working problems together.  As you know, division requires practice, practice.......and dare I say....practice. 

PhotobucketWe write on the BACK of the binders.

I have used the small white boards in the same manner but for some reason the students prefer  their own binders.  One student mentioned, 
"we can even do this at home". ...... Cha-Ching!!!! 

Have a great weekend fellow bloggers!


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