Saturday, June 30, 2012

See how teaching to the Common Core affects classroom practice. Does this video remind you of your classroom?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Break Time!!!!


    I wish I could tell you that the most exciting time in my fifth grade classroom was when I grabbed the old basal and walked up to the front to impart knowledge on my students.  However, this was not the case.  Even with all of the differentiation, RTI, technology and other interventions that have been a part of my recent years of teaching, nothing seemed to get the students more pumped up than when I grabbed a die and walked to the front of the class.  I immediately said "find a number" and then the mood in the classroom took a sudden change.  (I had previously placed the numbers 1 through 6 around the room using sticky notes.)  As the students settled on a number I rolled the die and everyone on that number had to sit down.  The students chose a different number and the game continued until 1 or 2 students were left standing.  Those students were rewarded and if time allowed we usually played the game a few more times.
   I loved to see the smiles and excitement.  I am going to revise the game, on occasion, this coming year to include math facts, squares and square roots.  If I find something they enjoy I definately want to use it to help them learn. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest.....Gotta Love it!

   Recently, while surfing through Pinterest <3, I happened across a great site entitled All Things Common Core.  This site is just as it states, there are so many things pertaining to the common core.  I worked through one of the links and found a tool that shows a visual comparison of the SSSS and the CCSS.  The chart was a little difficult to get to and even more difficult to understand initially.  After a while, however, I realized that this was a very key item in helping me understand the difference in planning and instructional time between the two based on each standard. I was so thrilled that I had to share it with you.  Yes, I am a Math Geek!

Mathematics Content

Percentage of Overall Mathematics Instructional Time
Alignment Overall: 0.114
= Not Covered
= < 2.5%
= < 5.0%
= < 7.5%
= >= 7.5%

Show Data Tables
Coarse Grain Alignment: 0.4709
Administration Year:
Sample Selection:
Report By:
Count: 11
Number Sense / Properties / Relationships
Consumer Applications
Basic Algebra
Advanced Algebra
Geometric Concepts
Advanced Geometry
Data Displays
Special Topics
Instructional Technology
Student Expectations
I.Memorize Facts, Definitions, FormulasI.I.
II.Perform ProceduresII.II.
III.Demonstrate UnderstandingIII.III.
IV.Conjecture, Analyze, Generalize, ProveIV.IV.
V.Solve Non-Routine Problems/Make ConnectionsV.V.

   Unfortunately, the chart did not copy as well as I had hoped but there is enough information to be helpful.  First of all, please realize that the parameters for this chart did not come through but the left side of the colorful boxes represent the current Florida Standards for grades 3-5 and the right hand set of boxes represent the CCSS. 


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