Saturday, November 3, 2012

November Currently

Linking up with the November Currently this beautiful fall day......yes, it is that time again.  Can you believe how time is flying by.  I actually found myself double checking how much time I have until state assessments. 
 (always a monkey on our back, right?)

Moving on........


ok your turn...

 remember to do the rule of 3... comment on the one or two ahead of your link and then come back and comment on the one or two after yours... and be sure to make it meaningful!!!

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  1. Just came over from Oh Boy 4th grade and I am your newest follower! I too need a shopping trip! Our weather just went from scorching to freezing and I desperately need some warm clothes! Maybe we will both get to shop soon!


  2. I also love Casting Crowns and Third Day! My daughter can't get enough of Point of Grace's 'Love and a Load of Laundry' right now. It's a great song that sums up life as a working mom.

  3. Hi~
    I was thinking about putting up the tree, too! I just can't believe that Christmas is sneaking up on us so quickly!! AAAHHHH!! :)

    Jen's Kinder Kids

  4. Coming over from Farley's Currently! I cannot wait to put up my Christmas tree too! So excited! I am planning a colored lights tree this year. I loved them as a child and know my 2 year old will too!

  5. Coming over from Farley's too! I thought about putting up my tree already (my hubby would be rolling his eyes if he knew). I am so excited to find you...I, now, am an elementary AP, but I taught math in middle school for 8 years and LOVED it. I know it's crazy, but you get it!



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