Thursday, July 19, 2012

Do you use ipads in the classroom?


      My blog today is to ask for help from my dear blogging friends. Our school is looking to update technology throughout the school (hallelujah). We currently have 1 Smartboard (in my room, I wrote a grant). Some teachers have Mimeos (sp?) and most have an Elmo and projector. We have about 5 student computers in each classroom of which at least 1 or 2 may not be working on any given day.

     Anyhoo, I have been asked to research the latest and greatest technology for the classroom. If you could please just drop me a couple of lines and give me a brief description of how your school uses technology successfully I would greatly appreciate it.

     Does anyone have an ipad cart or any ipads at all?  If so, how do you use them?

     Thanks for your help!


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  1. Can't wait to read what everyone has to say! My school is also just moving into this century...we got 10 SmartBoards and 10 Ipads. So I have all sorts of new things to learn this year and just can't wait! Currently our technology use is limited to the Internet...I did start a class blog last year but I don't think our technology exposure was very good. This year will hopefully be a lot different with these upgrades!



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