Saturday, August 1, 2015

Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday

So, yes, it is that time when we get to see the dad in the Staples commercial singing "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"........joyfully throwing handfuls of supplies in the basket.  Don't we all wish that buying supplies was always met with such enthusiasm. 

Please click picture to refresh your memory.

I , being a teacher, am addicted to school supplies.  I just walk through the isles as they start putting them out looking at the wonderful glue sticks and the large packs of pencils and paper.......sigh...dreaming and contemplating about how my summer went by at such a rapid pace. 

But the main reason for this blog is to remind you that most states offer a tax-free holiday, which in my state of  Florida, has been extended to one full week.  YaY!!!!!

I would totally LOVE to get one of these, I'm so weird, right?


Follow this link to check out if and when your state is offering this great opportunity. 

Also, if you live in Florida and would like the details, please click here


If your particular state's holiday has past, perhaps you live close enough to a neighboring state to participate in their holiday. 


Here's hoping you have a marvelous start to your year and may God Bless.

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