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Science Foldables with Standards

I have accumulated a group of great resources from "Pinterest" that would be great to use as part of the upper level Science class.  In my experience, it is very important to include a visual of every standard that is covered and I am so excited that I was able to find them.  I also linked each picture with the original author so that you can visit their blogs and check out all of the other great ideas that each one has to offer.

Water Cycle

Weather Unit - SE5C74 - Distinguish among the various forms of precipitation (rain, snow, sleet, and hail), making connections to the weather in a particular place and time.
Body Systems

Body Systems from Teaching in Room 6


I know, I know, this is not a foldable but this covers soil erosion so well.  I figured we could actually do this experiment and then have them draw it in their journal. 
Be sure to scroll down to the language TRANSLATOR below the right column.  :-)         
Simple Machines
    Graphic Organizer - Oh, Yeah                           

Solar Systems

Solar System
SC5E5 - Humans continue to explore Earth's place in space. Gravity and energy influence the formation of galaxies, including our own Milky Way Galaxy, stars, the Solar System, and Earth. Humankind's need to explore continues to lead to the development of knowledge and understanding of our Solar System.




Describe and investigate the process of photosynthesis, such as the roles of light, carbon dioxide, water and chlorophyll; production of food; release of oxygen.
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  1. I love all of these ideas! I need to share them with my co-teacher who does science for both of our classes. And I L-O-V-E the name of your blog! I nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog... check it out :)


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  3. May I have a copy also? This is AMAZING!



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